“Although my website was originally created for ex-servicemen & women who have served their country proud and are now suffering from PTSD, it has become very apparent over the past few years that anyone who suffers from PTSD can and have been gaining benefit from visiting and using the resources within it.”


Important Notice To Anyone Wanting One-To-One Support


“It is with great sadness that I have to say that I am now officially closing down my website as I must concentrate on getting my own health in a good place.  I have ran this website now for 14 years and supported thousands of veterans, family members and other sufferer of PTSD from across the world.


I am immensely proud of this and equally saddened that I can no longer carry on doing this, but on my own this has become an increasing burden and something that is more than I can provide.


I hope that anyone visiting my website either for the first time or as a repeat visitor, will understand and also hope that you find the help and support you need through other sources.


With great sadness I say goodbye for the last time”

Andy Murphy

Veteran and War Pensioner


If anyone desperately needs to talk to someone then please contact either of the following two organisations who have freephone confidential helplines:


  • Combat Stress 
    • 0800 138 1619          
  • SSAFA Forces Help 
    • 0800 731 4880           – UK
    • 0800 182 7395           – Germany
    • 800 91065                   – Cyprus
    • # 6111                          - Falkland Islands
    • +44 (0)1980 630854 – Rest of World

Other Helplines:

  • Royal British Legion
    • 08457 725 725
  • Samaritans
    • 0845 90 90 90            - UK
    • 1850 60 90 90            - ROI


When I became ill there was no-one there for me, so I created this website, www.ptsd.org.uk.  My aim is to get total recognition of PTSD and especially to provide (where I can) help and support for everyone who contacts me either through self-help or direct email support.

I hope that you will find the new layout and design easier to navigate? As always I am committed to helping and supporting as many of you as I can and if you feel you would like to leave a positive message for others then please fell free to do so in the guestbook.


How do I know if I am suffering from PTSD?

If you are an ex-serviceman or women and are suffering ill health due to any of the following, then I really want to help you.

Do you feel any of these apply to you:

  • I was on active service during my career
    • Northern Ireland?
    • Bosnia, Kosavo?
    • Gulf War 1 or 2?
    • Falklands Conflict?
    • or anywhere else?
  • I was victimised during my service
    • Bullied, Sexual Harassment
    • Suffered Racial Abuse
  • I have witnessed or experienced a major traumatic event

Are you suffering any of the following which might be related to the above:

  • I suffer flash backs and nightmares?
  • Since my service I now have a serious drink  or drugs problem?
  • I feel depressed, isolated, lonely and confused?
  • I have tried to commit suicide because I just can not cope with my feelings?
  • I am irritable, hyper alert and have sleep problems?
  • I am angry with life?
  • I feel I am the only one suffering like this and think I am going mad?

If you feel that you fit any or all of the above then please use my website to it’s full potential.  Remember…

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a natural emotional reaction to a deeply shocking and disturbing experience. It is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation.

For Queen and Country THEN WHAT?

On the 1st December 2009 My Book “For Queen and Country, Then What?” was published.

You can read more by clicking here or the ‘Book Cover’ above.

I have tried to include as much information as I can to help people find the specific help that they need. Please click onto any of the links which you feel will help you the most.

“Unfortunately I do not provide a phone service from my website as because I am not a professional medical person or trained in that, I do not feel comfortable being in a one-to-one verbal situation as this I feel is a very specialist skill.

If you need to talk please use one of the above confidential helplines

33 Responses to Home

  1. cathi says:

    Hi Andy
    As I knew it would be, a first class web site for fellow suffers of PTSD.
    Well done buddy.

  2. Niall MacLean says:

    My wife has recently been diagnosed with complex PTSD after 25+ years of crying out for help. NHS is still trying to pigeon hole her with ” it’s only anxiety..”
    It looks like a fantastic site & I look forward to finding others who understand what she’s been going through all these years and that she’s not crazy, just hurt & not truly listened to.

  3. Steve Smart says:

    bRILLANT SITE MATE where do i go next

  4. Susan says:

    I recently came across your site and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  5. Jolanda says:

    Hi Andy,
    came across your website and was wondering if you could tell me if there are any groups where PTSD sufferers (veterans), and their partners can get together and talk freely and being understood about their issues among fellow sufferers. Thank you for your help and this straight to the point website.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jolanda,

      if you contact Combat Stress, http://www.combatstress.org.uk/; they are a charity that specialises in helping and supporting veterans who suffer from PTSD. They have 3 treatment centres and also have special days for wives to attend. You can still either visit their website and send them an email or give them a call, they also have a 24 hour support hotline and its free 0800 138 1619.

      Let me know if this helps or if you need more information?

      Warmest regards


  6. The Joss says:

    I spent years in the absyss alone and thinking that I was slowly going mad and then I found out that I was one of many. Your website is a life saver.

    I have an anology about heaven and hell:

    Heaven is the normal existance tthat those who havent been where we have.

    Hell is the turnoil of the troubled mind.

    • admin says:

      Many thanks for your kind words, I am just pleased that you have found my website useful, I put a lot of work into this to constantly keep it as up-to-date and relevant as possible.


    • George Moore says:

      God these stories sound so like i have done in the past and a fair bit now but i was lucky been going to CBS for just over 4 years has made all the difference if you an ex-serving HMF get in touch with combat stress they saved my life!! And they could do the same for you all as well. GL, George

  7. Anon says:

    I just found this website…having a bad day. Nice to be able to come here and not feel so alone.
    I’m not ex-service…just a regular girl that escaped a traumatic childhood and threw herself into studies, career, life in an effort to forget. Now- as an adult, I’m suddenly struggling to come to terms with everything.
    I have good days and bad days….today is a bad day! Thanks for the website and info
    S x

  8. Flora says:

    I’m 30yr female suffering from PTSD which is started since childhood and is continued for
    more than 20years. I will be happy to join a group in which people with PTSD share their feelings.
    Hope good luck for every PTSD sufferer.

  9. Bev says:

    Hi Andy,

    I came across this site by accident while looking for help and answers as I too am suffering withPTSD – not from any form of military work, but as a serving member of the emergency services. I have been suffering in since 2005. The website answers amny questions suffers are afraid to ask, and hopefully will point them in the right direction for help. I am now having weekly counselling sessions privately.
    My advice to any sufferer, no matter what the circumstances is to seek help and if possible counselling – it does help.

  10. jo says:

    Hi Andy!
    Just want to say, you are doing a great job with this site for someone who was
    physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually abused as a child.

  11. Bruce says:

    My girlfriend is suffering from PTSD, and I want to help her as much as I can, do you know of any organizations in the Sheffield area that we can go to together, where we could maybe talk in groups where others have had similar experiences and have PTSD?

    any help you have to give would be greatly received.

    Thanks very much.


    • admin says:

      If you go to your local MIND, they will be able to give you the details of all the local groups that you can both attend. Their website to search for these is as follows… http://www.mind.org.uk/help/mind_in_your_area?loc=sheffield&council=&x=0&y=0.

      I hope that this helps and that you can both get the the help you require. Please also use all the resources on my website too, you can do many of these together and they will also help with the anxiety and stress issues.

      All the very best and please contact me again if you need any more support.


  12. George Moore says:

    Sorry Andy great job on your web-site hope your keeping well.

  13. Sindy says:

    It’s time i face the facts that I still suffer from PTSD. In a six year period I went through a divorce, The man I was dating for three years passed away suddlenly on his brithday, lost my home in a fire. My biggest part from all of this I dealt with the anger and saddness. I can’t seem to let a man get close to me. I push every man that has tried away. Sometimes to the point I try to make them hate me just to walk away. I need to know how I can trust again an over come this. People with PTSD are not crazy like some say. We avoid things we think will bring more pain into our lives again.

    • admin says:

      Hi Sindy,

      you are right just because we suffer from PTSD does not mean that we are mad, nor does to mean that we cannot have a good life though either. I know that at times PTSD makes us feel like prisoners in our own bodies, however what you need to do know is start to like the new you. You will not be the same person you use to be, however that does not can that you cannot like the new you and learn to trust yourself and the people who like you. If they like you know it is not through sympathy but because they really like you and you need to cherish that and let yourself be loved again.

      I know that this is hard for you, I really understand that but there are times in our lives when we have to make really hard decisions and this is now yours. Use the pages of information about stress and anxiety management on my website to help you relax more and if you want to talk more, please email me direct and we can look at other ways to get you the help and support you need.

      All the very best for the future


  14. Doc Berenger says:

    Apart from my carer/friend I haven’t found anyone who knows, understands, cares. But then, I keep it a well-hidden secret. At least I sham most people most of the time. So this site is an enlightenment… refreshing somewhat. Brain gone now. Well done and keep up the good work. Carpe diem. Doc

  15. maxine says:

    hi andy
    new to this kind of site thought id have a look im a sufferer of ptsd

  16. Norwegian says:

    Felt like adding a comment.
    You have done some great work with this site, and as ANON said above; great job with this site for someone who was physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually abused as a child.
    Good to see that Im not alone. A shame really that I have to look to an english site to get help and support. But PTSD is not acknowledge enough in my country, ppl find it easier to call you crazy, mentally ill and other bad things, instead of accepting PTSD.
    Thanks for a great job with this site!

  17. terence henry says:


    • admin says:

      If your father contacts Combat Stress, they are experts in supporting veterans of all ages and conflicts deal with PTSD. They have residential treatment centres and are also starting a series of local support groups too.

  18. Gloster762 says:

    Five tours of Northern Ireland in the 80′s and I coped like a real soldier.
    Twenty-two years as a Police Office, experiencing terrible trauma and sickening violence and then the attempted murder on duty. I had no councilling but they gave me a bravery commendation. Twelve years on I have broken, totally broken. Three psychiatrists later, and only well meaning but totally inadequate NHS councilling as treatment, my police force have finally agreed I have PTSD, caused on there watch.
    I am now with Combat Stress fighting to regain control of my life. Thank you.

  19. Abi says:

    Hi there, I have suffered from PTSD for the past 8 years and am really greatful to come across this fantastic site. I read your section on stress and panic attacks and was wondering if you could help me, if I am out and about and I have a trigger for a flashback (usually a loud bang or smell of burning) I can not even recognise myself slipping out of reality because it happens instantly and I can’t seem to calm myself down as I tend to feel and act as if my trauma is happening again and run off. As I know you are aware this can be very embarrassing in public. The only thing that calms me is a female friend whom I trust that tells me I’m safe now and the year etc. But that support is not always available and if I am not helped I stay in that panicked state for four hours, usually hiding somewhere, soaked in sweat and hypoventilating. This is very exhausting so do you know of any other teqniques that I could use to bring me back on my own bearing in mind I don’t even realise I’m having a flashback because it feels so real? Struggling to manage them. Thank you for this website and your support.

    Many thanks,

    • admin says:

      Hi Abi,

      you need to try and find a really good memory or event that makes you happy, laugh and remember times when everything was good (usually before your traumatic incident). This will help you cope until you can talk to someone close. I use music… well Abba actually (yes I know sad eh?), but actually this makes me smile and has no connection with my problems so is the perfect support aid. I am sure you can find yours too, then use this as a bridge.

      Hope this helps and all the best for the future.


  20. Lee says:

    Recently been diagnosed with PTSD, i always knew something was wrong but i just ignored how i was feeling and “cracked on”.

    Any way after nearly ten years ignoring my symptoms, i had a complete breakdown.
    crying at anything, not sleeping lucky to get an hour then my body would go into overdrive waking me up on full alert.
    I was always wary of strangers/people in general, always on guard scanning for danger, To be honest i actually thought this was normal…not being able to relax. loud noises specially coming from things i couldnt see. Really jumpy at sudden movements, I couldn’t leave the house without my Wife.
    Awful sleep patterns either too much or too little, My mind is constantly busy with chatter which i feel like im fighting to keep quite, its as if im not incontrol which frightens me, and obviously the awful thoughts of suicide. As bad as it sounds it feels like the only way i will get any rest, That scares me.
    Recently started seeing a CBA psychologist im hoping to get some way of being able to relax.
    I wouldnt wish PTSD on anyone above are just a few of my symptoms anyone with this illness im sure will relate.

    • Andy says:

      CBT will help, but you need to work at it. Life will get better and you can learn to love yourself again and have a decent quality of life, even if right now that day seems a long way away.

      Hang in their my friend, there is always something to live for and I am sure your family would love to have you back again :-)


  21. I just like the helpful information you provide on
    your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and test once more right here frequently. I’m slightly
    certain I’ll learn plenty of new stuff proper right here! Best of luck for the following!

  22. Lucya says:

    Hi ! Andy,I’m a college student in China. Today,I find your web, thank you for what you have done for the PTSD sufferer. A year before,my classmates and I want to establish the animal model of PTSD.But we didn’t do it hard.Now,I want to try my best to do something for the suffer.

  23. Hi Andy
    Just recently brought your book, to get a better understanding of PTSD, from the horses mouth so to say.
    We were not so lucky when we lost our Boy last year from PTSD, after doing 7 years in the Army and a Tour of Duty in IRAQ, were he had a bad experience, it as only been since the inquest that we have got a fuller picture of what Ashley had to go through, and as your book says, there is nothing in place for them, even now Aug 2013.

    We have since set up a web site in our sons name and do a lot of fundraising and going to talks about how the family have to deal with the aftermath and keep getting asked lots of questions about PTSD, which we truly can not answer, so with reading your Book, were hoping to have a better understanding of it.

    So thank you for setting your site up and writing the Book, as its from people like your self, that is keeping me sane and gives a reason to fight your corner.

    Kind Regards

    Wayne & Wendy

    Shoulder to Shoulder
    with all who serve.

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