For Queen and Country THEN WHAT?

For Queen and Country THEN WHAT?My name is Andrew Murphy and I am a war pensioner and veteran who served in Bosnia 1993. I have just become a published author and the first full print happened on Tuesday 1st December and you can buy my book from Amazon at the following webpage

“I am so sorry for anyone who has had problems ordering my book, unfortunately Amazon seemed to have assigned another book to my name and book profile?  This has now been resolved  and the direct link is below”

For a limited time, my publisher Loxwood Press have agreed to sell the book direct to any customer for a reduced price of £7 (postage and packaging free). If you send a cheque for £7 made payable to ‘Loxwood Press’ to:

Loxwood Press, 50 Loxwood Avenue, Worthing, West Sussex BN14 7RA.

Below are the pictures from the publication day…

The main printerThe main printer The guillotineThe guillotine
The cover being foldedThe cover being folded The binding machineThe binding machine
The book being trimmedThe book being trimmed First copies presentedFirst copies presented

For Queen and Country Then What? is my autobiography exploring what happened to me during my tour of duty which caused me to suffer for the last 16 years with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

This is a very honest and open story of what happened to me in Bosnia. To balance this I have also then talked about my service in both the Royal Navy and then my 9 years in the Army. Following my Tour in Bosnia I also talk about how I struggled to get any medical help from the NHS.

This is not a novel but a serious book. I hope the people who read this book will be able to empathise with me and start to understand what PTSD is and how it affects many, many ex-service men and women.

I had a promising career in the Army until Bosnia proved “a tour too far” and brought on PTSD, a largely unrecognised medical condition.

I want people to understand the way in which ex-service personnel are still treated by what can too often be seen as a heartless and uncaring society.

It is not “tea and sympathy” that is needed by the thousands of ex-service men and women suffering from PTSD, but change and change that needs to happen sooner rather than later.

I talk about how PTSD changed me as a man and my life and I use all my experiences to explain to people what PTSD is, the effects of PTSD and talk about Combat Stress and living with PTSD.

I have created my own website which is the number one PTSD support/self help website in the world. In the 7 years since I created it I have had over 2½ million hits and helped thousands of veterans and their family/carers from across the world. I fund this through my war pension and spend over 15 hours each week answering emails and supporting my website and people who need my help.

There is hope and through information and accepting that you will never be the same person as you were before PTSD (the new you) you can have a good quality of life and there is help available if you know where to go and what to ask.

PTSD is a silent mental health disorder that wrecks many lives and leaves veterans in desperation and at the pits of despair that can easily lead to suicide. “More people have committed suicide from the effects of the Falklands War than actually died in the conflict itself.”

I hope that my book will help and support many veterans and their families and if I manage to just save one life from a needless suicide then all the heartache and pain of writing and publishing my story would have been worthwhile. I have managed this through my website many times and now I hope to achieve the same with this book.

By stimulating discussion maybe, just maybe attitudes will change and public opinion can change government policy and provide real support for our brave veterans.

I hope you enjoy my story and more importantly it helps you or a loved one


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  1. Dear Andrew,
    I am a psychotherapist who is very interested in helping persons with Trauma, especially PTSD. I would like to know where I can purchase your book. My son Sasha Pagella, was in the TA SAS, but not in combat. However, he was a tsunami survivor in Malasia, 2004 (in the 2 waves-as he went back in to resue, then hit by the 2nd wave, still some memory loss) On the remote beach for one and a half hours trying to resusitate drowned Malay local people including children, before the rescue services arrived. He was ‘gutted’
    Felt very isolated from the family afterwards. Invited to the Service at St. Pauls, because of his work with the Red Cross in London afterwards. Spoke on TV and radio 4 day of the Service, but still has nightmares. Now happily married in the US with little son, but would never live close to the water, in spite of being an avid surfer>
    I went out to Phuket in Aug 2005 to work as an educationalst/ psychotherapist with Childline for 2 weeks, then 2006 undertook a year’s course in trauma at the Tavistock Centre, London.
    I have recently become an ‘expert’ – their words not mine! on Greatvine, which is now linked to Net Doctor and offer telephone therapy.
    I would be grateful if you could give me details of where I can buy your book, so that I can expand my knowledge further.

    • admin says:

      Hi Susan,

      you can only buy my book from Amazon, but it is only £10.80 and although I originally said I was giving 40% of my commission to Combat Stress, I have now decided to donate all the money to Combat Stress so they can continue to help and support our brave verterans.

      All the very best for the future

      Best wishes


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