Priority Treatment

Priority treatment for war pensioners – HSG(97)31

This is our right

If you are a War Pensioner did you know that your local NHS has to give you Priority Treatment?

OK Here is something that not a lot of you know? I know I did not until very recently…

There is document called the Health Service Guideline HSG(97)31 which re-iterates YOUR RIGHT to have priority treatment provided by your NHS provider. This is an act of parliament stretching back to 1953 when hospitals run by the Ministry of Pensions for the treatment of war pensioners were transferred to the NHS.

Priority Treatment

I am showing this to you’re here and also will have a printable version for you to download and printout at home or work. Give this to your NHS care provider GP, Psychiatrist or Psychologist and demand your right to PRIORITY TREATMENT.

Click here to download the printable version.

If they do not provide this then you can use the NHS complaints system to resolve or ultimately ask your NHS Commissioner to investigate your case on your behalf.

I hope this helps everyone get a fair and equal treatment playing field within your own local areas?


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  1. Hilary Kitching says:

    I’ll use this Andy…thanks! A War Pensioner, but been in no war as such.

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