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I wanted to have a Canada page as I served along side the Canadian forces in Bosnia. I was stationed in Tusla (Northern Bosnia) and we had many Canadian convoys go through our deployment. I was the Head Chef in charge of all the catering at the base and I regularly exchanged rations in order to change the meagre diet of all our troops.

I am slowly finding relevant websites which specifically help Canadian ex-vets. I hope to be able to have many more in the not so distant future.

There is however one American based site which I have added below which helps veterans from all over the world (Me included).

Please if you know of anything you would like to see on this page then please let me know by emailing me.

Please email:

The War Amps

The War Amps

A philosophy of amputees helping other amputees has been the hallmark of The War Amps from 1918, when the organization was founded, until the present. The War Amps offers many innovative programs and services to amputees, their families and all Canadians. We are pleased to offer this Web site as a means for you to learn about all that we do.

About The War Amps

The War Amps is committed to keeping you informed. Read all about our governance structure, our financial information, and our policies.

This site is available in both English & French and covers issues like:

Adult Prosthetics Program
CHAMP Program
Donations and Receipts
Media Enquiries
National Amputee Centre
Operation Legacy
War Amps Videos

You can contact The War Amps by any of the following means:


The War Amps Key Tag Service
1 Maybrook Drive
ON. M1V 5K9


E-ZEE ACCESS: 1-800-250-3030 (Accessible From the U.S.)


-ZEE ACCESS: 1-800-219-8988


Web site @

Canadian PTSD

Canadian PTSD is a website for all persons suffering from PTSD as well as those who know and love them. The site offers insights into my struggle with PTSD as well as some helpful hints.

Please go to her site by clicking the following link:

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