VATW Netherlands


Netherlands or Holland

Formal Name

Kingdom of the Netherlands

Local Name


Local Formal Name

Koninkrijk der Nederlanden

Other Associated Flags

Drenthe Flevoland Friesland Gelderland
Drenthe Flevoland Friesland Gelderland
Groningen Limburg North Brabant North Holland
Gronigen Limburg North Brabant North Holland
Overijssel South Holland Utrecht Zeeland
Overijssel South Holland Utrecht Zeeland




UN Country

Capital City:


Main Cities:

Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven


15,384,000 Area []: 37,330


1 guilder = 100 cents


Dutch, Frysian


Roman Catholic, Protestant

There are Dutch service personnel all over the world, particularly supporting the United Nations. Indeed the Dutch were in Bosnia at the same time as I was there, helping the UNHCR convoys travel through the war stricken country and deliver much need food aide to the distribution centres.

I have tried to get some links via both the Dutch Ministry of Defence and also other sites but as of yet I have failed to get a response.

If anyone is out there and would like to put some links on here for the Dutch Service and Veterans associations then I would be delighted to check them out and add them to this site.

Please email me… to do this. I look forward to any response in the near future.

The Dutch Ministry of Defence, have a law set out to protect their service men and women which provides for the mental health and medical support to any veteran that needs medical care. If only all countries would look after there service men and women the way the Dutch do.

I salute you for your support and recognition of the service that current & ex-service men & women do and have done in the past.

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