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There are lots of useful web sites which will give you further information about P.T.S.D or information about services and organisations which can help you.

(If there is no web site available then I have given phone numbers and/or addresses)

Here are just a few:

The Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion can help you with a variety of things. Not only is it an organisation which maintains a similar social life which you have become associated with during your service it also provides the following services:

  • Accommodation in seven residential care homes
  • Care in three convalescent units
  • Home visits to the long-term sick and housebound
  • Free advice and help over war disablement and war widows pensions
  • Holidays for severely disabled people
  • Help for those who would like to visit a relative’s war grave
  • Individual grants for those in need
  • Employment for ex-Service people, many disabled, within the Legion and its related companies
  • Advice and financial support to ex-Service people wanting to start a business
  • Help for ex-Service people in finding jobs and courses to equip them for civilian life
  • Social Events through clubs and branches
  • Many more services & help

You can contact the Royal British Legion by any of the following means:


The Royal British Legion
48 Pall Mall


The Royal British Legion “Legion line” on 0845 7 725 725 or
The Royal British Legion “Scotland” on 0131 557 2782

Web site @ http://www.britishlegion.org.uk/

SSAFA (Forces help)

SSAFA Forces Help

SSAFA ‘Forces Help’ (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen & Families Association) is an organisation which is set up primarily to look after the needs of ex-servicemen & women (and their dependants). They can provide a variety of services for example:

This provides support and options for Armed Service Personnel and their families. If something is getting you down, and you feel the need to talk it over with someone outside of the chain of command, then talk to us, it’s completely confidential, and we’re available every day from anywhere in the world. You can talk about anything.

You can contact SSAFA by any of the following means:


19 Queen Elizabeth Street


For serving Army personnel and families the Confidential Support Line can be contacted on:

UK: 0800 731 4880
Germany: 0800 182 7395
Cyprus: 080 91065
Bosnia: 0800 731 4880
Falklands Islands: # 6111

If you are an ex-Service person or family member contact:

UK: 0207 403 8783

Web site @ http://www.ssafa.org.uk

Combat Stress

Combat Stress

Combat Stress or ‘The Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society’ was founded in the aftermath of the First World War. For over 75 years it has been the only ex-services organisation specialising in the care of men and women, of all ranks, discharged from the Armed Services and Merchant Navy, who suffer from injury of the mind.

The society has established three care homes: Tyrwhitt House (in Surrey), Hollybush House (in Ayrshire) and Audley Court (in Shropshire). Two of these ‘Audley Court’ & ‘Tyrwhitt House’ I have been to:

The people there are both caring and understanding. The other thing which is special about these places, is that they are non-judgemental, sympathetic and have a great mix of ex-service personnel (both sexes and all ages), also you are in a relaxing environment, where you can talk to anybody (about anything) and it is extremely confidential.

You can contact Combat Stress by any of the following means:


Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society
Tyrwhitt House
Oaklawn Road


01372 841600

Web site @ http://www.combatstress.org.uk

War Pensions

War Pensions

The War Pensioners’ Welfare Service (WPWS) exists to provide advice, guidance and practical help to War Disablement Pensioners and War Widows. We also provide help to people who are in the process of claiming a war disablement or war widow’s pension.

We will try to help with any kind of welfare problem. It does not have to be directly linked to your war disablement or service in H.M.Forces.

Each area of the country is covered by a WPWS Welfare Manager who is responsible for providing help to all war pensioners and war widow’s in the locality. Every Manager is assisted by support staff as well as a network of volunteer visitors. They also work closely with all the main ex-service organisations and through them, can provide a wide range of advice and help.

We can help with the following:

  • Help claiming a war pension.
  • Financial assistance and employment difficulties.
  • Disability needs.
  • Residential and Nursing Care.
  • Social contracts and everyday help.

If you have needs which are not covered please contact us.

You can contact War Pensions by any of the following means:


0800 169 22 77

Text Phone:

0800 169 34 58

Web site @ http://www.veterans-uk.info/

The Yellow Ribbon Foundation

The Yellow Ribbon Foundation

The Force Behind The Forces

Spreading awareness of and support for the British Armed Forces. Do it for the soldiers, sailors, airmen, medics, civilians, their families and friends who put self-pride aside, to join a United Kingdom effort to better the world with Democracy, Peace, Justice, and the God given right to pursue happiness.

In the Armed Forces, or got someone special in your life who is?

Ever feel like no-one understands what the lifestyle is like?

Confused about how to get even the simplest of information on military matters?
Well now you can stop worrying; The Yellow Ribbon Foundation is here to help providing non-political, informal and impartial help to anyone with a British Armed Forces connection.

More than just a source of information we are a home, a family – a REAL community!

To the men and women who serve our country – you are in our hearts and minds always
You can contact The Yellow Ribbon Foundation by any of the following means:

Web site @ http://www.yellowribbon.org.uk/

email them direct on feedback@yellowribbon.org.uk

Help For Heroes

Help For Heroes Help For Heroes Donations

Help For Heroes was the idea of Appeal Chairman Bryn Parry and a group of friends and relations, many of who have connections with serving servicemen and women. Bryn and his wife Emma wanted to do something to help the wounded and came up with the idea of a sponsored bike ride. They mentioned it to some friends who mentioned it to some more friends and suddenly Help For Heroes was born and growing fast. A flurry of visits to various offices led to the campaign being blessed by the head of the army, Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt.

Help For Heroes is backed by the Army Benevolent Fund, the Army’s own charity that does wonderful work for soldiers and other servicemen and women both directly and through its support of other service charities.

You can contact Help for Heroes by any of the following means:


Ordnance Road


0845 673 1760 or 01980 846 459

Web site @ http://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/

Ex-Service Fellowship Centres

Caring For Homeless Veterans


Caring for homeless veterans…Now ©

The objective of the Ex-Service Fellowship Centres is to relieve distress among ex-Service men and women of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army, Royal Air Force and the Merchant Navy and their widows or widowers who are homeless, unemployed, or for some other reasonable cause, in need.

During the year 2005/6 EFC provided 19,739 nights of accommodation for veterans who would otherwise have been on the streets!

Did you serve your Country and are you now homeless? If so, call 0207 828 2468 or E-Mail us.

For assistance, telephone or call in at:


40 Buckingham Palace Road
Victoria, London

Opening Times:

Monday to Thursday 08:30 until 15:30

Friday 08:30 to 13:30

Web site @ http://www.exsfc.org.uk/

The Samaritans

The Samaritans

A free non-judgemental telephone or web-link service.

You can contact the The Samaritans by any of the following means:


08457 90 90 90

Web site @ http://www.samaritans.co.uk/

“Not Forgotten” Association

Not Forgotten Association

The “Not forgotten” Association was founded in 1920 and is designed to give both practical and moral support for all ex-service disabled personnel through a variety of ways:

  • Televisions: Provide help with televisions and licences for the more restricted people (in terms of mobility).
  • Garden & Christmas Party’s: 1000 War Pensioners are entertained by Her Majesty The Queen at Buckingham Palace and St James’s Palace.
  • Holidays: Every year many people with disabilities are helped with holidays which include activity based and pilgrimages to battlefields where fallen comrades lie.
  • Concerts: Over 100 concerts are arranged each year throughout the country.
  • Outings: The Association arranges outings for thousands of disabled people each year across the United Kingdom.

You can contact the “Not Forgotten” Association by any of the following means:


The Director
The “Not Forgotten” Association
Fourth Floor
2 Grosvenor Gardens


020 7730 2400/3660

Web site @ http://www.nfassociation.org/

British Limbless Ex-servicemen’s Association

British Limbless Ex-serviceman's Association


0208 590 1124

Web site @ http://www.blesma.org

Royal Air Forces Association

The Royal Air forces Association provides the following help for ex-RAF personnel:

  • Support for those leaving the service working closely with the RAF Resettlement team.
  • Free resettlement and financial planning seminars.
  • Assistance with job search for those who have left the service.
  • Free advice and support for War Pensions (Service Disability) claims following illness or injury sustained or made worse during service (including official RAF sporting activities) Also War Widows Pensions.
  • Nursing care and short welfare breaks.
  • Help at home through our ACCESS scheme which allows individuals to stay in their own homes and/or take a respite break close to family and friends.
  • The Malcolm Apartments and our short welfare break homes, have been designed to meet the needs of families.
  • Sheltered housing facilities at Storrington in West Sussex, Moffat in Scotland, and Rothbury in Northumberland. We also have nomination rights to a development at Bolton, Lancashire.
  • Supportive housing allowing independent living for single people of retirement age at Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire; and Southport, Lancashire.
  • Home and hospital visits.
  • Financial help, including assistance through the RAF Benevolent Fund.

You can contact Royal Air Forces Association by any of the following means:


0208 994 8504

Web site @ http://www.rafa.org.uk/

Royal Naval Benevolent Trust

Royal Naval Benevolent Trust

Every week the RNBT gives out about 100 grants for members and their families to help with a variety of needs, which include:

  • Rent and mortgage payments.
  • Food, clothing and fuel.
  • Child care.
  • Medical treatment and disability aids.
  • Respite and recuperative holidays.
  • Household goods and house repairs.
  • Removal expenses.
  • Training for second carers.
  • Debts.

You can contact Royal Naval Benevolent Trust by any of the following means:


The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust
Castaway House
311 Twyford Avenue


02392 690112

Web site @ http://www.disabilitybenefits.co.uk/the_royal_naval_benevolent_trust.htm

The Royal Naval Association

Royal Naval Association

The Association was granted it’s Royal Charter in 1954. Established to further the efficiency and well being of the Service, preserve its traditions and encourage recruiting.

You can contact St Dunstans by any of the following means:


82 Chelsea Manor Street

email:  webmaster@royal-naval-association.co.uk

Web site @ http://www.royal-naval-association.co.uk/

UDR and R IRISH (HS) Aftercare Service

UDR and R IRISH (HS) Aftercare Service

Home of the UDR and R IRISH (HS) Aftercare Service this web site has been created in order to assist those who are eligible to contact the organization in order to benefit from the services we have on offer . those eligible comprise former Full Time and Part Time UDR and R IRISH (HS) soldiers and their families.

Our mission is to provide medical, vocational welfare and benevolence support to this community in order to reduce suffering.

Aftercare Service“Helping our people in need to live their lives”



To read more please visit their website…

email:  http://www.aftercareservice.org/contact.htm

Web site @ http://www.aftercareservice.org/



Erskine 90 years of caring for veterans in Scotland Celebrating 90 years of caring for Veterans in Scotland

Founded in 1916, Erskine has provided nursing and medical care for former members of our Armed Forces through two world wars and the more recent conflicts and peace keeping initiatives of the twentieth and twenty first centuries.

Re-building shattered lives, restoring dignity and providing first class care to veterans young and old have been the cornerstones on which Erskine has built an unrivalled reputation.

You can contact Erskine by any of the following means:




0141 814 4704

email:  information@erskine.org.uk

Web site @ http://www.erskine.org.uk/index.asp

St Dunstans

St. Dunstans

St Dunstan’s was founded during the First World War to care for those blinded in the Service of their country. Since then, the charity has amended its Constitution so as to be able to provide training, rehabilitation and lifelong after-care for any blind ex-Service man or woman, whatever the cause of their loss of sight. For many St Dunstaners, their original injuries often include other disabilities such as loss of limbs, deafness or brain damage; and some are now developing multiple sclerosis, diabetes and other debilitating diseases affecting their sight as a result of their military service.

To lose one’s sight at any stage of life can be a devastating blow. Being a St Dunstaner means you are a member of a special family where you can share problems and concerns with others who have been through similar experiences. Personal drive and determination play a large part in the rehabilitation process, as does the support of family and friends. Finally, it is reassuring to know that St Dunstans is always there to lend a helping hand, either at St Dunstans (Ovingdean) or through the St Dunstans Welfare Officers in the community.

Many people believe that the State provides rehabilitation, training and specialised care for those blinded in the service of their country. This is not so. St Dunstans is a national charity and is not Government-funded.

You can contact St Dunstans by any of the following means:


0207 723 5021

Web site @ http://www.st-dunstans.org.uk/



NESA is the National Ex-Services Association and they produce a newspaper that is subscription based gives news, views and events for all ex-service personnel from all services.

On the website you can see

  • Past issues
  • News
  • Associations
  • Meet old comrades
  • Read poetry and articles from fellow servicemen & women.

Take a look it is a good site.

You can contact the NESA by any of the following means:


NESA Membership Secretary
61 Charles Street


0161 – 480 0114

email:  arthurlane.nesanews@ntlworld.com

Web site @ http://www.nesa.org.uk/

Action for Armed Forces

Action for Armed Forces

‘Action for Armed Forces’ was co-founded in 2007 by two elderly army veterans; 89 year old George Kay; former SAS and 75 year old Ricky Clitheroe; former Parachute Regiment.

  • To Campaign to ensure that our armed forces receive the respect and rights that they deserve.
    • This implies that veterans should expect to receive proper care and consideration both during and after their military service.
  • To increase armed forces pay and pensions including war disability payments to better reflect the realties of the operational risks each and every one maybe called upon to undertake.
    • Our emphasis in this respect is on the lower military ranks as the first priority.
  • To ensure that weapons, ammunition, equipment and transport employed by the armed forces are appropriate to the best Armed Forces in the world.
  • To demand proper medical care for every servicemen or servicewomen wounded in the service of our country during his or her time in uniform and thereafter for the remainder of their lives.
  • To establish a dedicated branch of the MoD charged with the responsibility for care of physically and mentally disabled veterans.
  • Also to establish dedicated military medical facilities paid for and ran by the MoD for both serving and retired veterans which also has a priority call on NHS amenities if such facilities which are better than military one’s.

via online contact form

Web site @ http://www.actionforarmedforces.com/

Forces Reunited

Forces Reunited

Find your old friends Fast and Free!

This is a new website which aims to bring as many websites and pages (designed for and by ex-service personnel from all services inc. help and support agencies) together under one umbrella site. It is well worth a browse around and perhaps find the friend or information you have been looking for?

Web site @ http://www.forcesreunited.org.uk

MOD Reunited

MOD Reunited

“Lost contact? Ever wondered what your old colleagues are up to? The safe, secure and completely free way to get back in touch”

Web site @ http://www.modreunited.com

Benefits and Work Guides You Can Trust

Benefits and Work Guides You Can Trust

This is a disability and benefit guide website. It contains many links to articles and guidance in order to help you make a claim for benefits.

There is an article entitled zero for . This explains how new software being piloted that will prevent people with a range of physical and mental health conditions from receiving awards of the care component, the mobility component or both for disability living allowance.

There is a cost of £15 to become a member but this is not a requirement to get benefit from the website and it does contain many free advice pages and links.

Web site @ http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk

Talking2Minds is a UK registered charity that helps people suffering from traumatic experiences including PTSD/R. We provide help, support and bespoke therapeutic process where there is currently a void in the NHS Mental Health Trust and Primary Care Trust (PCT).



Talking2Minds was established in 2008 by both former military and former police officers. All our staff and founders have first-hand experience of living with trauma, including PTSD/R and have made significant recoveries both individually and therapeutically using the latest methods in human dynamics.

  • “Most of the people who come to us for help are currently serving in the Military and ex- military, Police and ex-Police or emergency service personnel. There are also an increasing number of private security personnel from military backgrounds.”
  • “Our aim is to help anyone who has experienced trauma and is now suffering the symptoms of PTSD/R.”
  • “An important aspect of our work is that we support whole families and partners affected by PTSD/R, and the PTSD/R sufferer whenever this is possible. We also support people who are using alcohol and/or drugs to cope with their symptoms.”

You can contact the talking2minds by any of the following means:


0208 – 133 0217

Web site @ http://www.talking2minds.co.uk

London Meditation Project

Peace Of Mind: meditation events

These courses and day retreats will give practical training that can help ease stress and address issues of trauma in a gentle, healing and empowering way. You will be carefully guided in working with your mind, body and emotions through thoroughly tried and tested practices.

We do not promise a quick fix but we believe meditation has something truly substantial to offer in the process of healing from PTSD. We warmly welcome veterans and their partners and families who are interested in this work, and are happy to talk with you about what events may be most appropriate and helpful for you.

Our meditation courses and days are held in safe, comfortable venues and include a warm welcome. We also provide good food!

Places are available free of charge, funded by Awards for All.

You can contact the The London Meditation Project team by any of the following means:


London Meditation Project
20 Rosebery House
Sewardstone Road
E2 9JH


Catherine Powell on 020 89809289

email:  info@londonmeditationproject.org

Web site @ http://www.londonmeditationproject.org/veterans/



PTSD Resolution offer FREE treatment to veterans of the armed forces and TA, plus their families, as necessary, who have been experiencing post traumatic stress disorder. Please see the Charity webpage http://www.ptsdresolution.org/

There is NO cost involved to the veteran, therapists are paid by the charity, it is an outreach service, which means that the charity also pays for the therapist to travel to the client, so there is no cost involved  for the client, and little disruption to the client’s life and work commitments etc.. 

The therapy used is solution focused cognitive dissociation therapy.  This is a non intrusive therapy, which is completely confidential and the veteran does not have to keep on going over and over the same horrific events with the therapist in order to feel better. The Charity can also offer help and support to the veterans family who may have also been affected by the behaviour of the veteran whilst effected by the signs and symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.

The charity, Resolution covers the whole of the UK with over 200 therapists offering this service to veterans, Free of charge, wherever they are, Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland.

The charity is funded through donations from the public only  and is reliant on the pub hub network that they are creating across the UK to raise awareness of the charity and raise funds through fund raising activities, from simply having a collection tin on the bar to sponsored fire walking nights! 

You can contact PTSD Resolution by any of the following means:


PTSD Resolution

Meadow Cottage

Poundfield Road



BN27 3TH


0845 021 7873

email:  contact@ptsdresolution.org

Web site @ http://www.ptsdresolution.org/contact_us.htm


Overseas organisations include:

Operational Help

Operational Help

This was a web site set up by a wonderful lady called Betty Davies. She offered on-line help and support for American servicemen & women.

Unfortunately this website is not longer in operation but I would like to thank Betty for all the help she provided me (in the UK) and the many thousands of other servicemen & Women from America and around the world.

Little Mouse On The Prairie

Little Mouse on the Prairie

This was a web site also for mainly American servicemen & women, but also had an international chat room where a kind independent person can talk you through your problems.

Unfortunately this website is not longer in operation but I would like to thank Marci for all the help she provided me (in the UK) and the many thousands of other servicemen & Women from Veterans Around the World.

Women Veterans’ Health

“Women Veterans’ Health” at Suite101.com dealt with health issues for ex-servicewomen in the United States of America but also the United Kingdom and Canada, with other countries to be added.

The site offered a new feature health article weekly, health news stories and announcements, discussions and links to other web sites.

There was information on breast cancer, fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome, PTSD, sexual trauma and abuse, spiritual health, disabilities, legal aid and appeals, health financial aid, government agencies and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered disabled veterans.

The editor, a disabled woman veteran herself, was working to give the page an international flavour and to make it more helpful to women veterans everywhere.

“Unfortunately Sandy died November 10th 2001 so this website is no longer in operation”

I have created a permanent tribute in Sandy’s memory (please click here).

Sandy, you were a wonderful lady who touched many hearts and helped thousands of people.

You will be truly missed

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