Who am I?

Who am I and have I been there?

I would like to start this page by giving a little information about myself:

I am a British ex-Bosnia veteran who served 9 years in the British Army. I was a Chef (Army Catering Corps now the Royal Logistic Corps) and along with a colleague and good friend of mine served in Tuzla (northern Bosnia), as well as; Vitez (central Bosnia and Battalion HQ) and Tomislavgrad (close the Croatian/Bosnia boarder).

During my time in the Army I served with several units including:

  • 26 Field Regiment Royal Artillery
  • 47 Field Regiment Royal Artillery
  • The Queens Dragoon Guards
  • The 13th / 18th Royal Hussars
  • The Light Dragoons

I also visited the following countries whist on exercises:

  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Bosnia
  • Croatia
  • Wales
  • England

I enjoyed the majority of my service in the Army and made some good friends. Unfortunately as with service life we move (or get posted) from one country to another and also within these countries, so I have lost contact with most of my friends now. I served in the following places in my career:

  • Aldershot (Training for 1 year)
  • Thorney Island (3+ years)
  • Germany (Wolfenbuttel & Bergen)

All the information you will require about Great Britain be it either; Help, Web-links or just advice about PTSD please click onto the PTSD Home Page button below and then just traverse the site as you feel suits you best.

During the construction of this website & the many hundreds of emails and Guest Book messages people have left for me one question was asked of me a few weeks ago which I guess I was expecting but still found hard to put up for public consumption. That was…

“I know you say you have been there but have you truly been there?”

I always expected to put more on about who I am and what happened to me but as many of you will understand, this is a very personal and difficult thing to do. It is like opening yourself up to many people who you do not know and who you do not know if you can trust (even more worrying) with this level of personal information about my life.

Well I am now going to answer that question so if you would like to click below you can read a little more. I will say that I am not (at this point) going to go into too much specific detail but will generalise events for you. I Believe that there are still personal areas here which need to stay that way.

2 Responses to Who am I?

  1. Lucy Faulkener says:

    Excellent website

  2. john Barrett says:

    I am a mental health proffessional and I have worked with adults and children who suffer with PTSD. I Have a son who is diagnosed with PTSD and some time ago following a serious RTA I was diagnosed with PTSD.

    Thank you for a well informed and presented resource. Your efforts will and do provide comfort and releif to visitors to your site.

    I have received a lot of treatment but despite this proving helpfull I continue to experience flashbacks , hypervigilance , hyper startle , low mood , anxiety , negative thoughts , irrational thoughts to harm myself and elevated suicidal ideation.

    You are right that NHS proffessionals lack any personal experience of assesing , treating PTSD. They lack profoundly as I did pre diagnoses with PTSD . Be re assured there proffessionals who can help you take command of your PTSD , no they cannot truly understand your pain. Don’t underestimate there knowledge combined with your effort can result in positive outcomes for you.

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